Society holding ‘Open Forum’ for first meeting of 2020

Welcome to 2020 with the Historical Society!

This year we’ve planned something a bit unusual for our first meeting at 7.30 pm, Monday, February 10. (Meetings are held in the Ralph Wallace Research Centre, which is the building at the back of the Synagogue complex.)

We are holding an Open Forum where you can meet the Museum Coordinators and other management committee members and ask lots of questions about the Society’s current roles and planning. As well, we’re as asking you to come and share your own interests and take part in a group ‘brainstorming’ of ideas about the Society’s future work and directions.

If you want to get to know more about the history of the Broken Hill region and the Historical Society, this is the meeting to come to!

The same goes if you have been thinking of becoming a member, or are one, but have always had a few questions.

Or you might have been thinking about volunteering, and getting involved in doing some different, fun and interesting things.

Some of our volunteers, for example, act for a day as the person opening up and looking after the Silverton Gaol Museum. Others spend just an hour or two every now and again describing and cataloguing some of the fascinating objects and artefacts that one of the museums holds.

There are just so many ways our local community can become engaged with the Society’s work: as individuals, as volunteers, by joining the management committee, or as a partnering group or organisation. Schools, for example, have a standing invitation to book in and bring a class along to explore any of the museums.

The Society’s Annual General Meeting takes place at the March meeting and, as with most organisation’s AGMs, all committee positions are vacated and nominations are called for beforehand. (You can check out the general structure of our organisation at ‘Who we are‘.)

Some current holders of committee positions might re-nominate, but we know now that a number, including Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Journal Editor and Publicity Officer are not standing for the committee again but focusing on their other volunteering activities within the Society.

So coming to the February 10 Open Forum let’s you explore this possibility as well.

Besides, we’re providing supper to entice you!

Look forward to seeing you there.


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  1. Please provide me with your email address. I shy away from twitter, facebook and all that social tangle like many older people do and prefer the good old fashioned email address which is safer and simpler.


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