Nominations for AGM close 2 March!

The Historical Society is holding its Annual General Meeting on Monday, 9 March at 7.30 pm.

Nominations for all current positions on the Management Committee close on Monday, 2 March (COB).

These are the positions open for nomination:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary/Public Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Minutes Secretary
  • Coordinator, Silverton Gaol Museum
  • Coordinator, Silverton School Educational Museum
  • Coordinator, Synagogue of the Outback Museum
  • Caretaker, Mosque Museum
  • Publicity Officer
  • Journal Editor
  • Research Officer
  • Web Content Officer.

You can find a bit more detail about positions under Volunteering.

Our Constitution states that nominations ‘must be in writing signed by two members  of the society and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate …’ and ‘must be delivered to the secretary at least seven days before the date fixed for the holding of the annual general meeting …’ The Constitution also states that a committee member may hold up to two offices (positions) (other than both the president and vice-president offices).

Nomination forms have just been sent to current members. Remember, you will need two current members to support your nomination by signing.

Nomination forms are also available from Society headquarters at 165 Wolfram Street, and can be returned to PO Box 212 to arrive by 2 March, or emailed to current President Jim Daly at helen-daly@bigpond.com by close of business 2 March.

Or, you can download them from our website under ‘Volunteering’.

Following the very successful Open Forum as our first general meeting for the year, the Society is very keen to maintain the momentum of that night in bringing in new members and volunteers in all kinds of ways, including to the Management Committee.

If you are interested in any of the positions, apart from checking out the Society website, you could also contact the current position holder and have a chat about what it presently involves. Current Committee member contact details are also on the website under ‘Who we are’.

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