The Historical Society closes museums, suspends meetings indefinitely

We are sad to have to advise that the Society has closed the four museums we are responsible for, and has suspended all Society meetings until further notice.

The Society manages the work of, and the public visits to, the four museums you find here on our website. Given the potential impact of the corona virus on Broken Hill and regions, the Society really has had no choice.

While a lot of our members and volunteers will be disappointed, the decision was taken with the very best interests of you all at heart, as indeed was our concern for all visitors to the museums.

The members and volunteers who bring their interest, energy and passion to preserving local history tend to do so, later in life. Even our guest speakers tend to be older.

And as we all now know, ‘seniors’ of any age are being considered particularly vulnerable to Covid-19.

The Society carries a lot of responsibility, having a particular ‘duty of care’ to all those who so generously work in our museums, and get together for our meetings.

It has been as difficult for the Society’s Management Committee to make the decision we have as it has been for many other local community organisations and businesses.

There may be groups, from local to from around Australia, who have booked visits with any one of the museums, visits that will now have to be cancelled.

If you are one of those groups, and are uncertain about what to do, your first step should be contacting the Coordinator of the relevant museum.

Contact details of each museum Coordinator can be found on each of the museum pages on this site.

We will try to keep you up-to-date on what is happening as time goes by, and provide some moments of interest, here and on the Facebook page, while the meetings are suspended and museums are closed.

Stay home, stay safe, go well.

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