JUNE 1, 2020: Update on the Society’s meetings and museums

Hi folks, just a note on where we’re at now.


Broken Hill Historical Society is not planning yet to go back to monthly face-to-face meetings, either for its members or its committee.

Lots of big reasons: the general age of our membership (90% over 70); difficulty of setting up proper physical distancing indoors, and meeting other government requirements for group gatherings.

Take a look at some of those government requirements here:

To help us all stay connected, over the next few months we’re putting up on the website lots of news about our museums as well wonderful articles, and some presentations, all from our 2017–2019 Journals and meetings. For the next little while see Museum Reports

So what about our museums, you ask? Opening?

No, not yet.

Except, one is going to have a try-out: the Synagogue Museum. You’ll find further information on the Synagogue Museum and days it will open here.

It is really difficult for regional museums in old buildings, and in our case staffed with volunteers aged 70 and sometimes well over that, to set up for safe opening: safe for us, and safe for you. ((See COVID-10: Information for Volunteering.)

But, in the meantime, if you feel you might like to take a look at the Synagogue Museum , be considerate of what you’re asked to do, and of our volunteer staff. Keep 1.5 metres away from others and, if you can get a cloth mask, do please wear it.

Take a further look at some of the many requirements of, for example, Museums and Galleries NSW when museums re-open after lock-down. It’s a lot of work to get ready and keep everyone safe in a pandemic.

Stay safe. Wear a mask 🙂

Jan (Publicity/Web Content Officer)

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