More updates

Well, quite a bit has been happening since our last post.

The Society’s Mosque Museum is now also ‘open’, but as always visits are by appointment only. Here is the contact information for our Mosque Caretaker, Bobby Shamroze.

Our two other open Museums, the Synagogue of the Outback Museum and the Silverton Gaol Museum are still getting lots of visitors, which is great.

The Silverton School Educational Museum will remain closed for a few more weeks. For those of you who know the building, it is just one room, with only one entrance. It will take a little more time to work out how to manage visiting that is coronavirus-safe for all.

The Society is not yet planning a General Meeting for members, but it is planning to send a newsletter out to members very soon to help update everyone.

But we did have our first Committee Meeting in the Synagogue Sunday afternoon (and very cold it was!). Good to be back in the saddle.

Please continue to do the brilliant job you have been doing in being very considerate when visiting our museums by following the safety and physical distancing rules each one has set out.

Other news

The Mosque Museum has just been granted additional funding of $100,000 to complete the renovations it began last year. Read all about it on the  Broken Hill ABC website!



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