General Meetings back for 2021! Guest speaker: Don Mudie on June Bronhill

After an absence of 10 months because of Covid-19 the Society is holding its first General Meeting for the community and members.


Monday 8 February, 2021 at 7.30 pm.


Because of Covid-safe regulations, the Society is booking a room at the Musician’s Club, which kindly offered a space for early 2021 general meetings, as the Society monitors how Covid matters continue to affect the community, the organisation and its membership this coming year.

Must book a seat!

A really critical issue for the Society, if you plan to attend on the 8 February is:

You must book a seat with the Secretary, Helen Daly: via mobile 0412 676 302 or email Helen-Daly@bigpond.com

For those attending, Covid-safe regulations about social distancing and remaining seated once entering will apply. When people arrive at the entrance, they will be directed to the booked meeting room.

And we have a terrific guest speaker!

While life is still not yet ‘normal’, the Society is delighted to advise that it will, after the General Meeting, have a guest speaker, Don Mudie, presenting on June Bronhill. Many in the community have wanted Don to do this for some time. So, he plans to begin his talk with some personal recollections.

Did you know that Don first met June in 1971 after a concert at the Masonic Lodge, or that he sang on the same program with her at the Civic Centre in 1983, or that he was privileged to present her Eulogy, at her funeral in 2005?

Don Mudie singing

Don will also be looking at the new biography to be released on 15 February, A Star on Her Door: The Life and Career of June Bronhill, by Richard Dennis, and the research he and Doug Jones took on to help this project. And, as we have come to expect, Don will be bringing along memorabilia on Bronhill from his extraordinary collection of pieces related to 100 years of musical history, locally and elsewhere.

As always, any member of the community or city visitor are very welcome to attend the Society’s general meetings. For the moment, we just need to know you are coming!

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