General Meetings May and June 2021

OK: Bad news first. No June meeting (because clash with Public Holiday).

Good news next. May General Meeting is Monday 10 May at 7.30 pm. (And before we forget, many of our members are online, but some aren’t, so could those of you who are, please spread the news to those members who … aren’t.)

As Covid requirements ease and vaccinations begin, we are finally moving back (for now) into our usual meeting space at the Ralph Wallace Research Centre — down the back of the Synagogue of the Outback Museum at 165 Wolfram Street.

Everyone, town visitors and our community, and of course Society members, are all very welcome to come!

There isn’t a guest speaker for May.

So you will have a terrific opportunity to ask questions about the Society’s Museums and its current doings.

Visitors can also take a look at a couple of the delightful exhibitions in the Ralph Wallace Research Centre itself. (For example, the Hill’s connections with the sinking of the Titanic — yes, really!)

Those newbies attending could even ask for a quick tour, after the meeting, into the treasures held in the Synagogue itself!

We will kick off General Meetings again, after the May one, in July.

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