News from Silverton School Educational Museum

In the last little while, our very busy Facebook page has been taking it in turns to show you one of our four museums at the top of the page. In the last little while it’s been the turn of the Silverton School Educational Museum.

It’s a one-room, but absolutely extraordinary museum. One that takes you back into the history of education in Silverton, when that town was yes, more significant for a time as a mining community, than the later developed Broken Hill.

Modern-day schools, indeed from all over Australia, organise visits to the School Museum so their students can understand how learning and education might have been many decades ago.

But not only that: older folks who might have spent time learning in a one- or two-teacher school organise visits to take a lovely trip back into the past and see how folks in the far west survived the experience.

The pic below shows an enthusiastic group of ‘seniors’ from the east of NSW, in front of the renowned old concrete map of Australia that is part of the school’s playground, who visited about 10 days ago.

You can find out more about the Silverton School Educational Museum here, and especially about how to organise a group visit.

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