Have you visited the Synagogue Museum?

The Synagogue of the Outback Museum is another extraordinary local museum run by the Society, one of the most remote Jewish museums in the world, with its Synagogue reminding us of the evolution of the Jewish community in regional Australia.

The museum preserves the history of a vibrant Jewish community that was once a part of life in the city but, unexpectedly, it also has a great deal more — various other local historical relics, a research centre with archives and the quirky Titanic area featuring an exhibition on the fateful ocean liner. And there’s a library of valuable treasures, a good many focusing on the history of mining in the region.

The building consists of the former Synagogue and a Rabbi’s residence, whose rooms now hold so many of the treasures.

Over time, various members of Jewish communities, have come and used the Synagogue within the museum for worship. The below photo shows a group of women from the Ark Centre, Melbourne at prayer in 2018.

The Synagogue of the Outback Museum has lots to explore and is one not to miss. You can find out more, including opening times, here.

Women from the Ark Centre in Melbourne sitting in the womens' section of the Broken Hill Synagogue

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