Are our museums open or closed?

At the moment, the Society museums will remain closed. Some may open on the 25th October or the 1st November.

So, the following Society museums remain closed:

The Silverton Gaol Museum is busy replacing part of a floor in a room, amongst other repairs, which means their planning to open is delayed, at least to two weeks from now. 

So while our museums might have been closed for quite a period of time, it doesn’t mean some of our volunteers aren’t doing some very hard yakka, repairing all kinds of things.

The Gaol Museum at Silverton has been putting a new floor into the ‘kitchen’ area — and discovering heritage mining treasures, literally ‘under the kitchen sink’! And then it’s been oiling the verandah as well as repainting the trim and the balustrades at the front of the museum. (And somebody has been looking after the Sturt desert peas, too.)

The Gaol Museum workers hope to be finished in a couple of weeks, or a bit longer, and well in time for reaching the states’s regional travel opening on the 1st November. Fingers crossed.

Note that General Meetings remain in recess, for now.

Ross Wecker, Silverton Gaol Museum Coordinator, took some pix of the work maintaining the museum for us. These show you:

  • the state of the floor bearers under the kitchen floor – white ants! All have had to be replaced before starting work on the floor itself
  • the treasured old mining signs Ross discovered under the kitchen sink
  • the new paint trim on the front verandah and the newly oiled verandah floorboards
  • a very happy patch of Sturt desert peas (thank you Jeff Summers for the watering).


White ants in floor bearers
Mining signs discovered ‘under the kitchen sink’
Oiled verandah and painted balustrade
Saving the Sturt Desert peas

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