Silverton Gaol Museum re-opens Monday 1st November!


The Silverton Gaol Museum is now re-opening next Monday, 1st November.

This Museum, housed in one of the Society’s heritage buildings, the old Silverton Gaol, is renowned both across Australia and internationally for its huge collection of artefacts reflecting periods of early local Indigenous history to early local pastoral settlement, from early migration into and mining in Silverton and then Broken Hill, to the growth of Broken Hill over more than 100 years — not only its mining growth but also the growth of its many institutions — into the city it has become today.

Visitors are required on entry to the museum to show proof of double vax, check in with their QR code, maintain social distancing and be masked indoors.

And why are we celebrating?

Because it’s now three of the Society’s museums that have re-opened during the week!

Monday 25 Oct, the Synagogue of the Outback Museum opened again. The same visitor requirements apply (proof of double vax, QR Code entry, masking).

Wednesday 27 Oct, the Mosque Museum re-opened. Also see our website for visiting details. And the same visitor requirements apply.

The Society’s General Meetings remain in recess, but we hope to have at least one meeting before the end of the year.

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