If you are researching family history, please, don’t start here!

And other bits and pieces, as on we go.

First, if you want to research family history, we are asking that you don’t start with the Broken Hill Historical Society. Please.

Because, we have a wonderful Family History Group in Silver City who’ve been here for many decades and have a fabulous range of archives and photos. They are a quite separate organisation from the Historical Society. And they are there to support your family history research.

You can contact the Broken Hill Family History Group via Secretary Jenny Camilleri at:

  • 0419 861 153 (probably the quickest way), or
  • jjjcam49@bigpond.com, or
  • their office on 08 8088 1266. The office is open from 10am to 3pm weekdays (closed Wednesdays) and from 1-4pm on Saturdays.

Check out more about what the Broken Hill Family History Group offer here.

If you’re looking into Silverton family history, you can also contact Marlene Bettes, Coordinator of the Society’s Silverton School Museum. Marlene’s contact details are under Contacts above.

If you’re looking into local Jewish family history, you can contact Margaret Price, Coordinator of the Synagogue Museum, as well. Margaret’s contact details are also under Contacts above.

A reminder that three of our museums:

have come out of pandemic hiding and are open! All opening details and varying Covid requirements are on their pages.

Time to visit!

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