Visiting our museums in the holiday period

With Covid rules and regulations changing so quickly and Omicron lurking, the Society is kept on its toes trying to make decisions to protect our visitors, and our marvellous volunteers, as we enter what is usually one of our busiest holiday periods.

At the moment:

* The Synagogue Museum will be closed after Monday 19th December until the end of January. Visits will be by appointment only through that period. See contact details for the Synagogue Museum Coordinator. QR sign-in, proof of vax, social distancing and masking requirements remain in place.

* The Mosque Museum is now closed, because of the Covid surge, until further notice.

* The Silverton School Museum remains closed for maintenance, until further advised.

*The Silverton Gaol Museum remains open all days of the week, except Xmas Day, for times advertised. Covid requirements are masking indoors, QR code sign in and social distancing.

We are delighted to have visitors to our museums. We would just ask that you remain considerate of our wonderful older volunteers and of all other visitors during what is again a challenging Covid period.

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