General Meetings back Monday 14th February

First meeting for the year

* Date: Monday, February 14

  • Time: 7.30pm

* Place: Community Inc Centre, 200 Blende Street

ESSENTIAL: You must book a seat with the Secretary, Helen Daly; 0412676302 or helen-daly@bigpond.com

The meeting will be held at the Community Centre because it offers larger meeting spaces, suitable for ensuring social distancing requirements and Covid safety for everyone attending (hence essential to book). You will need to be masked indoors.


The AGM will also be held at the Community Centre on Monday 14 March at 7.30 pm. Only current financial members will be able to vote. In the last several days renewal forms are going out to all members. and must be returned and annual joining fee paid as soon as you can.

REMEMBER: Two of our Museums are now open: The Silverton Gaol Museum and the Synagogue of the Outback Museum.

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