In town for Mundi Mundi Bash? Visit our museums. 1: the Synagogue Museum

You’ve made it into town from all over Oz, and from even further afield, and then maybe you’re heading out to the Mundi Mundi plains.

While you are in town (before or after the Bash) the Broken Hill Historical Society (BHHSoc) has two absolute treats in the Hill for you, and two more out in Silverton.

Today, one we’re inviting you to spend some time with is the Society’s Synagogue of the Outback Museum.

The Synagogue Museum is open on a Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday from 10 to 3.  BUT, you could book an appointment at other times with the Museum’s Coordinator, Margaret Price, on 0439 680 944.

Not a huge number of folks know how embedded the Synagogue is in the Hill’s history.

A flourishing Jewish community existed here from the late 1800s until the1960s. The Synagogue complex (where the Rabbi also lived) was built and consecrated by 1910.

From the 1960s it fell into disrepair, but was bought by the Historical Society in 1990, restored and opened as a museum in 1991.

The Synagogue itself is historically beautiful and filled with treasures. Why not spend some time wandering there and even sitting peacefully in it while using your imagination about the past.

Go look at the Synagogue complex and all the treasures it holds.

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