In town for Mundi Mundi Bash? Visit our museums: 2. the Mosque Museum

So you’re in Broken Hill? Having travelled from … just about anywhere.

Broken Hill Historical Society (BHHSoc) has one more of our museum treasures for you to see in town, especially if you’re here tomorrow, Friday 15th or next Friday 22nd.

Our delightful Mosque Museum is open on a Friday from 11am to 1pm and Gary Cook, Mosque Assistant, will be there to welcome and help you discover the treasures.

If you can’t visit on a Friday then you can book an appointment for your own personal tour with Mosque Coordinator Bobby Shamroze on 08 8088 3187 or 0400 184 260.

The mosque itself, the first in NSW and the only outback one remaining in Australia, is embedded in the long Afghan and Indian history of the Broken Hill region and the Outback.

It was built in 1891, on a site known locally still as the North Camel Camp, as the area had been used for worship since 1887 by the early Afghan cameleers.

Over time it fell into disrepair, but was rescued by the Historical Society, and repaired and restored. In 1968 the mosque was rededicated as a place of worship and a museum.

It holds extraordinary treasures of the local cameleer heritage, and of Islam.

Much more to find out about the Mosque Museum and the history of Broken Hill’s cameleers here.

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