Visiting the Mosque Museum in school holidays!

The multimedia exhibition at the Mosque Museum

It’s school holidays at the moment: well in New South Wales this is the first week, and in Victoria this is the last week, and in South Australia it’s the next two weeks from Monday. And if you can hang onto all of that, you’re a better (wo)man than I am Gunga Din!

So, the question really is, what do the Society’s museums have to attract and interest younger and older kids on holiday with their grown-ups?

It’s obvious with the Silverton School Educational Museum: cuteness itself.

But what about the Mosque Museum?

Well, outside there’s a huge, very old, wooden camel wagon, and look for some very big wooden camel ‘trees’ too – just for starters. They were used to help camels carry their very big loads.

Inside, there’s a terrific new multimedia exhibition (see pic) that tells you lots about the history of the early Afghan and Indian cameleers. They made the colonial development additions, to local Indigenous country and knowledge, possible.

The Mosque Museum is open Fridays between 11 am and 1 pm when your guide will be Gary Cook, Mosque Museum Assistant.

At all other days and times you can book a visit with Bobby Shamroze, Mosque Museum Coordinator, who is a direct descendant of two Afghan cameleers, and Bobby will be your guide.

You’ll find a pic of Bobby riding in a camel race for the town’s centenary in 1983 (well, yes in his early days), and more info about the Mosque Museum, where to find it and who to contact here.

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