Visiting the Synagogue of the Outback Museum on holiday

The Broken Hill Historical Society (BHHSoc) has one more of its museums you simply must visit while you’re holidaying in the Broken Hill and Silverton region.

It’s the Synagogue of the Outback Museum in Broken Hill, and it began as a place for a vibrant Jewish community’s worship. The foundation stone was laid in 1910 and the building consecrated in 1911.

The Society took over preserving the building in 1990.

So what’s here to see and explore?

The first thing to notice, on your way in, is the really beautiful stone facade with its curving arches and script in Hebrew.

Go inside and take your first turn left and into the Synagogue, which is a simple but beautiful space, one just worth sitting in for a while.

But then spend real time  to explore its displays and panels and historical treasures bringing the story of the local Jewish community alive.

Out of the Synagogue itself and into other parts of the old building, much of which was the Rabbi’s old residence, there’s now an archive room and a collection of local Christian church memorabilia room.

And out the back in the much newer meeting room, a couple of very unexpected, if not quirky, exhibitions are waiting.

re Would you believe one is of the sinking of the Titanic in the early 1900s, and the connections of that story with Broken Hill? And then, a collection of diecast model vehicles from 1953 to 1983!  

Find out more about where it is, when it’s open, and its contact numbers, here.

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