On the way to Mundi Mundi Bash!

By today lots of Mundi-villers are on the road from Broken Hill to Silverton, and then moving on to Mundi Mundi. Traffic can start building up from all those rigs and caravans.

So, if you get stuck in a queue coming into Silverton, throw a left into Loftus Street and you have the choice of a visit to two museums run by Broken Hill Historical Society (BHHSoc).

If you park as soon as you turn off, you can take a short stroll back down the main road to Silverton Gaol Museum, full of 140 years of Silverton and Broken Hill history. You can find out more about this museum here.

There’s a also a glimpse into just some of its treasures from a little story 7 Spenser Gulf ran a couple of Fridays ago on the restoration of a stunning 1880s photographic portrait of Charles Rasp, considered the founder of both Broken Hill and BHP! See here, and the story starts at 7.06 minutes in.

Or, you can throw that left into Loftus and keep on going up the hill. There at the top you’ll find the Silverton School Educational Museum, which featured in another 7 Spenser Gulf news story just last Monday. It’s a whole other world, and you can learn more here.

And you can see the little story Channel 7 that ran Monday night starting at 11 minutes 20 secs in here.

The local 7 journalist, Josh, had a great time with his visit to the School Museum, with first a pen and ink lesson at a very old desk, and then a bit of a go at hop scotch out the front!

Make the most of your time in and around Silverton and drop in to both museums.

(Jan Mahyuddin, Publicity, BHHSoc)

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