It’s that time again: If you’re researching family history, don’t start here!

So yes, every so often we need to remind visiting folks that the Broken Hill Historical Society is not the Broken Hill Family History Group, which means … please don’t start your family history research with us.

These two organisations have been well-established as quite separate bodies for a long time.

So, if you shouldn’t start with us, how do you contact the Family History Group?

There are a number of ways.

First, the Family History Group has an office under the Crystal Street Railway Station. During the Covid periods its opening times have varied, so it’s best to ring the office first and check times: 08 8088 1266.

You can also contact the Secretary Jenny Camilleri on her email: jjjcam49@bigpond.com

Finally, Jenny says sometimes the quickest way to reach her is to text or ring her mobile: 0419 861 153.

Jenny Camilleri in her office

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