Which museums are open over this Xmas hols?

Lots of visitors from away still come through Broken Hill in the Christmas to New Year period and, of course, throughout the school holidays, and want to visit the Historical Society’s museums.

And between the Christmas and New year period, as well as in the January holidays, many locals have a bit of time to play tourist too, and catch up on some of the city’s delights and experiences they’ve missed.

So which museums are doing what?

The Mosque Museum is closed until mid January. We’ll let you know when it opens again.

The Synagogue Museum will be closed between Christmas and New Year. From January 3rd, it will be open on its usual days of Monday, Wednesday and Sunday from 10 to 3.

The Silverton School Museum will also be closed in the Christmas to New Year period, except for Boxing Day when it will open. It will be open only on Sunday the 18th December before the Christmas period. January times are still to be decided.

However, the Silverton Gaol Museum is open every single day (of the year, in fact), except Christmas Day.

Wishing a peaceful, happy holiday season to all.

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