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First General meeting 2023

The first General Meeting 2023 for the Society will be held Monday 13th February at 7.30 pm.

With the pandemic kind of easing, the meeting will be back in its usual spot: in the Ralph Wallace Meeting Room.

The room is a separate space at the back of the Synagogue Complex. Come though the front gate at 165 Wolfram Street, Broken Hill, take the side path to the left, and there you get there.

Silverton School Museum Update

The Silverton School Museum will be closed from Monday 20th February to Tuesday 21st March.

It will be open this coming Friday 10th February from 9am to 3,30 pm.

(If it is open any days next week before closure, we will let you know.)

Spam emails

Local members may have seen in last Saturday’s Barrier Truth a brief story on how the Society had received some spam emails.

First, the Society NEVER publishes the email addresses of members online. without consent. To do so is against NSW (and Federal) privacy law, just for starters.

It does publish annually the contact details of current committee members, with consent. These are are published on this website and under the ‘About’ heading on our Facebook page. And we don’t publish all of them: just those that folks might most need to contact. See our Contacts page.

How to handle spam (phishing/fishing) emails?

There are always a few clues to sussing them out.

First, the email received to the Committee members pretended to be from the Society president. But the phishing opportunists had no idea that the Society president has never had, in his many years being president, an email address! He calls/texts people, as said in the Barrier Truth article. So, check the sender email address, closely!

The question the scammer asked according to ‘apparently being’ the President, was odd. (Of course, the scammer wouldn’t know that.) And that’s the second main clue. If it sounds odd, it is odd, and suspicious!

So, if you get an unknown email address pretending to be someone you might know and trust. look closely.

Then, RING the person it pretends to be from.

And lastly, never, ever reply. The split second you do, you are caught in something you have to get out from. And the demand for money comes quickly.

Hope this helps us all avoid a phishing scammer. (Jan, Web Editor/Publicity)

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