Exciting! Larry Angell next guest speaker!

Larry Angell has been everywhere in the last month or so as he has told us all about the re-opening of White’s Mining Museum and Mineral Art Gallery and his role as new host and tour guide.

Broken Hill Historical Society (BHHSoc) has managed to pin him down as guest speaker for their next General Meeting on Monday 8 May!

Larry is a well-known veteran of the mining industry, having worked for many years underground, and he’s already an experiences tour guide with, for example, RFDS South Eastern’s Guided Tours.

He’s also widely recognised as someone with enormous interest and skill in promoting this area and its tourist experiences.

He runs the Facebook page “Broken Hill and Far West Tourism“, which is consulted for events all over Australia, and has built a huge number of followers.

At the Historical Society meeting, Larry will be talking about the revival and re-opening of White’s museum, and his and the family’s hope for directions for its preservation into the future. As well, he will look at the need to promote heritage visitor experiences to Broken Hill and region, particularly museums.

You can find out more about the Mining Museum here.

The General meeting will be held on Monday 8th May at 7 pm, at the Ralph Wallace meeting Room, back of the Synagogue Museum, 165 Wolfram Street. All community and visitors are welcome (you don’t have to be a member!).                                                                                                 

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