Papers and Presentations

In this section we’ll be putting up a number of papers that were contributed to our Journal by local or ‘away’ historians in the last few years. Some were first given as presentations to a General Meeting, and then published in the Journal. Others were directly submitted as papers to us.

We’re always delighted to get  papers submitted.

Take a look at our Style Guide and document template (PDFs), which both help to make submitting easy to do. Papers or requests for more information can be emailed to our Journal Editor.

Or, you can offer to do a small presentation to a General Meeting that you’re happy to also have published in the Journal, through emailing our Publicity Officer.

It’s important to note that copyright © for all papers/presentations in the Journal sits with the author, unless it is otherwise declared waived by that author. Contact the Journal Editor for author contact details if required.



Thomas Albert Bollen: A forgotten champion, by Murray Bollen (and PDF)

Comment on Murray Bollen’s ‘Thomas Albert Bollen: A forgotten champion’, by Ross Mawby (and PDF)