Our Journal

From its very beginnings the  Society has published a Journal for distributing to its members and to other historical societies and archival centres around Australia.

The Journal includes some of the presentations by guest speakers over a year, as well as capturing papers from local and far-flung historians interested in the researching and recording of regional history.

Recently, the Journal began to include a preface with, amongst other things, an annual note from our patrons, and an annual report on the year’s doings from each of the Society’s four museums.

The Journal also includes the annual proceedings of the Society, with reports from the current President, Secretary and Treasurer.

It is distributed not only to members, but also widely to local and national organisations maintaining an overview of historical conservation and preservation in Australia.

Dipping into the Journal

Here we’ll be putting up over time some fascinating pieces, papers and presentations from our 2017, 2018 and 2019 Journals.

Preface Extracts

Museum Reports

Papers and Presentations

100 Years Ago