General or administrative queries

These queries might include anything from — how to attend a Society meeting, especially in Covid time, or how to become a Society member, or a volunteer with the Society, to how to donate an historical item or leave a bequest to one of the Society’s museums. Or, indeed, any other administrative matter.

Email Helen Daly, Secretary and Public Officer at or call/text via 0412 676 302.

Or mail to  PO Box 212, Broken Hill, NSW, 2088.

Media queries

Jan Mahyuddin is currently Publicity/Web Content/Research Officer.

If you are with the media — whether locally, within Australia, or internationally, please contact Jan via this email or this email.

Research queries

If you are looking for information while researching local or regional history, please contact Jan Mahyuddin via this email, or Senior Historian Margaret Price at the Synagogue of the Outback Museum via this email.

If you are researching family history particularly, please see below details on separate BH Family History Group.

Museum queries

Mosque Museum

Coordinator, Bobby Shamroze, 0400 184 260, email.

Silverton School Educational Museum

Coordinator, Marlene Bettes, 0448 882 550, email.

Silverton Gaol Museum

Coordinator, Ross Wecker, 0400 184 260, email.

Synagogue of the Outback Museum

Coordinator, Margaret Price, 0439 680 944, email

Family history queries

Broken Hill Historical Society gets an enormous number of family history queries.

So, it is important to note that the Historical Society is NOT the Broken Hill Family History Group, a quite separate organisation focusing wholly on family history collections, archives, data and research.

While many of the senior historians in our society, the Historical Society, have long memories on local residents, and can be connected with down the track, if you are researching family history, first contact the Broken Hill Family History Group.

Explore this web page outlining the Broken Hill Family History Group and what it does. The website link also provides you detailed information on how to visit their main offices if you are in, or come to, Broken Hill.

Their email contact is: Jenny Camilleri, Secretary, Broken Hill Family History Group. Phone 08 8088 1266.