Becoming a Member

Applying to become a new member

Membership of the Broken Hill Historical Society is open to everyone.

The Society currently has members who live locally, and quite a few who have had their origins in, or previously lived in Broken Hill and have now gone elsewhere in Australia.

To become a member of the Society you will need to apply for membership by filling in the ‘Application for New Membership’ form below.

The form asks that you have it signed by two current members.

If you live locally, and you don’t know any current members, you can complete the form, bring it to a General Meeting and two members will arrange your nominations.

If you live ‘away’, send the completed form to the Society and the required nominations can be arranged for you.

Application for New Membership

Renewing a previous membership

Renewal forms are sent out to existing members at the end of a year or the beginning of a new one. A PDF of the form is below.

You can complete it and send it back to the Society, or bring it to the Society headquarters at 165 Wolfram Street, or to a General Meeting.

Application for Membership Renewal 2020