The Broken Hill Synagogue Celebrates 110 Years!

Image result for photos Margaret Price at The Broken Hill Synagogue Foundation Stone
Margaret Price with Synagogue Foundation Stone

On Friday 26 February from 3 to 6pm, the Broken Hill Synagogue (now run as the Synagogue of the Outback Museum by the Broken Hill Historical Society), at 165 Wolfram Street, will be open for a period of orientation and information exchange, both for local people and all town visitors.

This special event is to celebrate the building’s consecration as a Synagogue on the 26 February, 1911—110 years ago.

As an historical moment, it is a good one to drop in and explore, especially if you have never visited before, and chat with Synagogue Museum Coordinator, Margaret Price, as well as other volunteers.

The Museum includes not only the Synagogue itself, with many rare and beautiful items relating to Jewish practice and history in Broken Hill, but also many more general historical collections, including some very special material on the links between Broken Hill and the sinking of the Titanic!

You can ask any questions you have about any aspect of the Synagogue, as shul, and museum.

Or come and share any stories on local Jewish history that you know, and the Society might not.

Perhaps find any historical photos or treasured objects that connect with the Synagogue’s history, and bring those along.

Because of the challenges and ongoing uncertainty relating to Covid-19, some Covid regulations will apply. The usual processes will include signing in by hand or using the QR system. As well, you will need to carefully follow the ‘meet and greet’ person’s instructions when arriving at the front door.

You can find out more about the Synagogue of the Outback Museum (SOTOM) here.

If you would like more information, or to book a tour before 3pm on the 26th Feb, contact SOTOM Coordinator Margaret Price on 0439 680 944 or email margaret_price@hotmail.com.au

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