What a year for the Historical Society

A lot has happened with the Broken Hill Historical Society (BHHSoc) in 2021. It’s true, sadly, that it’s been a year pretty much the same as with other cornerstone organisations in town.

Given the Society runs four museums, we’ve had to send messages about ‘we’re open, closed, open, closed, and open’—all year.

And because of the impact of the Covid Delta variant, we haven’t been able to organise a monthly General Meeting for the community and members since mid 2021.

But while we were organising museum closings and openings, something very encouraging and rewarding for those who had worked so hard on maintaining and developing our museums did happen.

The Society was designated co-winner with the Broken Hill Pub (BHP) of the 2021 John Reid Heritage Memorial Award. Society President Jim Daly said it was unexpected, but a very cheering recognition of so many people’s hard work, and just when it was needed.

The bad news: the Society has decided that there now won’t be a General Meeting of members and community until 2022.  We are planning for the second Monday of February, which is the 14th (Valentine’s Day).

The good news is that three of our museums have re-opened, and the fourth hopes to open soon after completing maintenance work.

Until mid-December 2021 the Mosque Museum is open on a Friday from 11 to 1pm and by appointment at other times. From mid-December to end January, this museum can be visited by appointment with the Coordinator only.

The Silverton Gaol Museum is now open at its usual times for seven days a week, except on Christmas Day.

The Silverton School Educational Museum is still closed, but hopes to re-open at some point in January.

The Synagogue of the Outback Museum is open up to and including 19 December, at its usual times, and by appointment with the Coordinator after that date.

We want to pass on our thanks to the Broken Hill community, and all our volunteers and members, for their loyal and energetic support throughout a challenging 2021, and to wish all a peaceful and happy festive season.

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