SBS’s ‘Who do you think you are?’ has time in Silver City

You may have missed last Tuesday’s episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ focusing on Jenny Brockie, recently retired from hosting Insight on SBS TV.

This episode has a big story about Jenny’s maternal origins. But well towards the end (about 15 minutes out), we learn that Jenny’s father was born in Broken Hill, and his father was a Warden/er at the Broken Hill Gaol for some time early in the 20th century.

There are some great shots of the Line of Lode and some of the equipment up there.

And the ‘talking head’ is local historian Jen Thompson, doing a lovely job.

You can see this episode on SBS On Demand. You do have to register with an email address and a password to log in. No cost though.

Here’s a link to the Jenny Brockie story.

Jan Mahyuddin (Publicity/Media BHHSoc)

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