Fabulous Centenary Exhibition from Barrier Field Naturalists’ Club

How many folks know/remember that it was the Barrier Field Naturalist’s Club, now just over 100 years old, who also kicked off the Broken Hill Historical Society?

From early June they’re putting on a fabulous Centenary Exhibition at the Geo Centre.

Secretary Ann Evers notes: “The Barrier Field Naturalists’ Club is proud to announce that our Covid-delayed Centenary Exhibition will be opening on the 4th of June at the Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum. The Exhibition will be on show until the 28th August.

We will be having a celebratory event mid exhibition on the afternoon of Saturday the 3rd July. We hope you will be able to attend on that day. A lot of work has gone into making this exhibition a fitting recognition of 100 years of examining, caring and advocating for our local environment.

The exhibition highlights the past and present activities of the club, some of the club’s exceptional members, exquisite botanical watercolours of local plants as well as artistic portrayals of local birdlife.

There will also be a video presentation on a continuous loop and some fun things for children.”

One not to miss!

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