Can you help with a research query about the old coach route from Ivanhoe to Menindee?

Recently we had the following fascinating request from Judy Boland. If you have any information that can help her, Judy’s contact details are below her description of what information she’s looking for.

“I am interested in the old coach route from Ivanhoe to Menindee, particularly the route it took through the former Avon Station. Avon Station is now part of Big Ampi, which was once part of Tolarno.

At the site of the old Avon homestead, there was a sign post that said Menindee 23.  Not far from the sign post was a bridge over some low lying land. The bridge did not contain any nails or bolts – it was wired together.

[I am looking for] a map that might show the route the coach took through this country. I am happy to pay any costs involved.

I have contacted the owners of Big Ampi and they are OK with me sending you some photos I took when I visited the station in 2016.

The bridge and its approaches raise the former track above the floodplain. I can’t remember if it is the Tallywalka or Tallyb? creek system.

Anyway, the former track passes the old Avon homestead, then turns in a south-western direction as it crosses the floodplain.  Just past the Avon homestead where the track veers southwest, was the Menindee 23 signpost.

I am fascinated by the old bridge and the way it was constructed – I would like to learn more – such as when it was built and by whom.  I wonder if it could be restored or saved before it collapses completely?

Should anyone know anymore and wish to discuss it with me, email judyboland.darwin@gmail.com or phone 08 8985 1983. Best time to ring me is between 6.00 and 8.00 pm any evening of the week.  My phone is permanently on the answering machine, as I sometimes take a little time to get to the phone.  Usually by the time the caller identifies themself, I have made it to the handset.”

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